Why Study in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is one of the most rapidly advancing subjects worldwide. In modern society, there is an emphasis on the well being of every individual and it has become apparent that pharmacists have a massive role to play to ensure public health. As a result, the role of pharmacists has expanded and they are now being integrated into the healthcare systems of every country. They are now expected to work alongside doctors to ensure proper healthcare for the people.

In Bangladesh, the 1982 Drug Ordinance has opened up a lot of possibilities for pharmacists in the field of industrial pharmacy. Now, 99.7% need of medicine in the country is being provided by local pharmaceutical manufacturers. There are over 200 pharmaceutical companies in the country who are expanding their operations, opening up opportunities for graduate pharmacists.

Furthermore, Hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy sectors are being developed in the country, leading to new opportunities for graduate pharmacists. Consequently, it is a great time to study pharmacy to build a successful career.

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