Health Club

Health Club, Department of pharmacy, NUB


Club Convener: Md. Asadujjaman, Assistant Professor

President : Md. Moniruzzaman

The Health Club of Pharmacy Department basically acts as the public face of the department. This club carries out various social work including blood grouping campaigns and social awareness programs.

Aim of Health Club, BPH, NUB:

  1. To let the current students as well as their parents know about Department of Pharmacy and their social activities.
  2. To show extracurricular activities of Pharmacy student’s to the new students and their guardians.
  3. To develop a congenial and gregarious relationship with the common people of the community.
  4. To establish a positive image of Northern University among the common people as this club organizes free program.
  5. To expose the students with a positive disposition in front of the locality to increase their self-confidence, to give them a feeling of accomplishment and serenity, and a positive impetus to move forward.