About Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy at Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) was established in 2003 and began its official journey on January 04, 2004. The department was established with the aim of providing proficient manpower needed to advance the highly flourishing pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh. With that in mind, the department ensures the best facilities to build an academic environment that can help students to actively participate in the learning process.

The Department offers a four-year undergraduate program, B. Pharm. (Hons.), accredited by Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh (PCB). The program is specifically designed to produce qualified pharmacists who will be academically sound, technically skilled, and professionally capable, and morally committed to meet the growing demand of pharmaceutical fields.

The students and faculty members of this department are actively engaged in cutting-edge research in well-adorned research laboratories. The researchers of this department are collaborating with eminent local and foreign institutes including University of Dhaka and Nangtong University of China. The research works from this department are frequently published in prestigious journals.
Since inception, the department has produced hundreds of graduates who have profound presence in various fields of the country’s pharmaceutical sector including pharmaceutical industries, food and cosmetic industries, and Regulatory bodies (DGDA). Many of our graduates are abroad achieving higher study.

We welcome all who wish to be a part of this department and help to bring prosperity to the country’s Pharmaceutical sector.


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