Our students enjoy various financial benefits and waivers.


Result Based Waivers

Result of SSC and HSC Waivers
GPA 5.00 (without 4th subject ) in both 100%
GPA 5.00 (with 4th subject ) in both 80%
GPA 4.80-4.99 in both 40%
GPA 4.50-4.79 in both 30%
GPA 4.00-4.49 in both 20%
GPA 3.50-3.99 in both 10%
Below GPA 3.50 in both 0%

Waivers given based on SSC and HSC result is applicable for the entire duration of study and not dependent on performance at the University

Current students also gets waivers based on their results here. Any student who achieves the first position will get a waiver of 4,000 Taka from the tuition fee from that semester. Similarly students holding the second and third positions will get waivers of 3,000 Taka and 2,000 Taka respectively.


Additional Waivers

Additional waivers (subject to approval of the authority) include:

  • Special 5% scholarship on tuition fee for females and students from tribal population.
  • 20% scholarship on tuition fee for Siblings.
  • Special waiver for wards of Freedom Fighters.

*The University Authority reserves the rights to change the fee structure at any time.
*Admission test may be exempted based on combined GPA in SSC & HSC.

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