Career Counseling Club

Career counseling Club, Department of pharmacy, NUB

Club Convener: Dr. Mohammad TalebHossain, Associate Professor

Joint Convener: Md. Asadujjaman, Assistant Professor


Aims and activities:

The Office of career counseling club in the Department of Pharmacy, NUB is committed to the career development of  Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) students and alumni.  The Clubscounseling activitiesinclude  giving current B. Pharm students and alumni access to services to elevate their professional knowledge and career-related skills in order to develop career plans, explore post-graduation plans and objectives, and to cultivate mature career-related decision-making strategies.Students can request career counseling appointments to work on and develop professional materials, such as curriculum vitae and cover letters, or to practice professional skills such as interviewing and networking.  Through events like professional development workshops and seminars, and the annual Pharmacy Career Day, students have the opportunity to develop relationships with employers, to connect with to job opportunities, and receive access to career information resources.